Senin, 17 Mei 2010

This is the happiness for me :)

This is such an incredible things ever
Jonghun got his own twitter account!!!!!!!!!
Seems like not many people likes him as much as i do, he got a less followers
(few means approximately 5.000 followers)
Super Junior's Members got their own account first~ They have a hundred of thousands of followers.. lmao. *standing applause* ;p

But it's ok~ Honestly, i prefer him to get a less followers to get a hundred followers.
Which means he'll be able to see my mentions for him only LOL HAHAHA /call me freaks.

Proof that his is real

The pict above thr is a capture of his Cyworld Account
he posted the link of his own twitter on his cyworld acc

His twitter account click me!
Make sure you've already followed him ;p

What a cuteeeee picz omggg Jonghun xD
His avatar is dumb-cute eve~ I do loved his background too Such a loves
Rofl I'm too biased with him ;p No one couldn't beat me how much i'm biasing with him tho.
Primadonna (and ofc I am ;p) tried to Welcomed him to be a twitter's society.
We typed #WelcomeJonghun and we hoped it will be one of 10 Trending Topics at that day.
And we did it >xD
#WelcomeJonghun is on the Trending Topics in the 4th placed
We did it after we've tried for abt 5 hours

And here is it... I found a girl named ( beep ) She is an ELF only.
But she admits to everyone out there that she knows everything abt Kpop!
I read her timeline and she said 'WHO IS #WELCOMEJONGHUN?'

MUAHAHAHAH Where does she lives? Does she lives in the bottom of sea with Spongebob?!?!?

k~ just want to share these all ;p

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